my vip service to sellers


All at NO CHARGE to you!

My VIP Service team will provide front and backyard landscape trimming and clean up, professional house cleaning, carpet and window cleaning.


Light Touch Up, Interior fix Up

My VIP Service team will help with painting, touch up, baseboards, doors or accent walls. We can also help with light touch up work throughout the house. We will work to improve the needed areas to increase value and help to sell the house faster.


Fresh Flowers

We add the perfect personal touch with flowers in the prime rooms right before we take professional photos.


Transaction Coordinator

We have a transaction coordinator that will handle all the paperwork with the real estate transaction. Ensuring  all documents will be handled in a timely , safe, and secure process.


We can help with moving

If you need help planning or preparing your move we can help.  


We will buy your house

If you want to just sell and avoid making improvements or showing your house, and  would like a fast sale, we will buy your house.


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